This Rental Agreement is a legal agreement between you (the renter) and Rent me honey.

By using the services of Rent me honey you are legally bound by this.

If you cannot comply fully with this agreement you may not use our services.



Postage costs are to be paid by you (the renter) and this is $15.00 for overnight courier which includes a prepaid return bag. Rural delivery is an additional charge shown at the checkout. Once we have shipped your order out you will receive an email providing the tracking details. We advise that you check this regularly.

Even though we use an overnight courier service we cannot guarantee that it will arrive the next working day after it has been posted. We are not liable for any orders being delayed due to the courier. We ask that you order with time to allow for delays. Order at least 3 working days before the date of your event to allow time for your order to get to you on this date. We accept postal orders up until Thursday 2pm for the same weekend - But anything currently ordered after Wednesday 1pm on the same week as your event is classed as a late rental due to postal delays. Please read below our refund policy for any further details. 

Please ensure you select the correct date when ordering, we aim to have the garment arrive at least a day before your event but it may arrive anytime between 7am - 6pm on the day selected. If your event is early that day please select the day before to ensure it will arrive on time.

If Friday is a public holiday our cut off times for orders move forward one day i.e we recommend Tuesday 3pm and anything ordered after this date will be classed as a late order.


Postal Returns:

All postal orders come with a prepaid courier bag that is to be used to return the garment to us. All the details are provided so all that is required by you is to drop this at your local NZ post store. This must be handed over the counter at a NZ post store, and not into any drop boxes as this does not track the parcel nor ensures a timely return. 

All sent garments are to be returned on the last day of rental you clicked on the calendar (by 1pm that day latest).

We will charge $15 per day the item is not returned on time, and if the dress is not returned on time to get it ready for the following weekend rental and we have to cancel a rental you will also be charged the total rental cost on top of the late fees (late fees + rental fee). 

You are not liable for any delays the courier may have returning the dress to us if it has been handed over the counter on the chosen day of return by 3pm. 


Pick Up & Drop Off:

We have a pick up and drop off option at the checkout that you can use if you are able to do so - this will be a contactless service and will only be operating during all stages of the traffic light system. This is free of charge and is your obligation to ensure you can pick up and drop off. We will get in contact with the exact location in Auckland but are not liable if you can longer pick up and drop off. If your circumstances change and you can no longer pick up and drop off this is your obligation to let me know. 
If you pickup a rental this must be dropped off, if you send it back late fees will apply. 

If you are dropping a weekend rental back to us this must be done so before 1pm on your last day of rental as chosen by you when booking. We will charge $15 per day the item is not returned, and if the dress is not returned on time for the following weekend and we have to cancel a rental you will also be charged the total rental cost on top of the late fees (late fees + rental fee). 


New Years/ Christmas Rentals:

We have a cut off date for all Christmas & New Years postal orders to make sure they arrive on time with delays that may occur with the public holidays and increased postal demand. For all pick up orders we will be open continuously throughout the holiday period. The cut off date for all postal orders is the 20th December. After this date we will still be open and sending any orders that are placed, but any orders placed are at your own risk. If your order doesn’t arrive before your chosen date if you order after the 20th Dec we will not offer a credit, exchange or refund due to postal delays. 


Technical Issues:

If our website has any faults i.e double bookings you will be refunded the full amount of your rental and offered 10% off your next rental as compensation.


Returns Policy:

We do not offer a refund or store credit if you receive the dress and it does not fit or you do not like the item once received.

If your event has been cancelled due to COVID19 or you no longer require your garment we can offer store credit to the full value or a date change (this is valid for 4 months). This can be arranged by getting in contact with us via email, direct message or text message.

If you ordered the garment before 1pm Wednesday for a Friday/Saturday delivery and it does not arrive on your selected date due to delays with the courier we can offer a store credit (valid for 4 months) or a date exchange minus the shipping cost. If the dress is ordered after 1pm Wednesday for the same week/weekend we can not guarantee the arrival of the dress and this will be at your own risk. If the dress does not arrive and you placed an order after 1pm Wednesday we will not offer a credit, refund or date change. For any mid week orders please order 3 working days before your chosen date. If not you won’t be eligible for a store credit or date exchange. 

If you receive a garment damaged i.e stained or torn a full refund will be processed including the postage cost. We do take photos of each rental before they are sent out so we will ask for a photo of the marks etc. We do however state any minor issues with the dress on our website, so if this is the case you will not be offered a refund. We also offer store credit in the full amount. If we decide to offer you a refund for any reason the item must be returned in the condition it was sent in. If the garment has been worn/tried on or shows sings of wear in any way we will no longer offer a refund. 

If you supply the incorrect address or select the incorrect shipping option a refund, store credit or date change cannot be issued. It is up to you to provide all the correct details when placing an order. 

ALL refunds and store credits cannot be issued until the garment has been returned on time, this must be dropped back at the post shop within 12 hours of receiving the garment or we won’t issue. We can only issue cancellation credits if canceled before the rental has been fulfilled. For every late day the garment is not returned the total of $15.00 per day after will be deducted from the refund price. This also applies to store credit. 

Gift Cards/vouchers:

All gift cards/vouchers all have a 3 month expiry date. 
You can use these to rent for any future day, but these can not be re-issued once expired. 


Please do not attempt to wash the garments yourself as this may result in damages to the garments if it is done incorrectly. All rental prices include the minor cleaning costs of the garments, which includes removing minor stains, minor tan marks etc. 

If we find that the dress has been damaged i.e small holes, tears, difficult stains this will need to covered by you and will be from $20.00 - $40.00.  

For any extreme, but repairable damages / stains we will charge the full dry cleaning fee or repair fee provided with a receipt.

If the dress has been severely damaged or soiled beyond repair we require that you pay the full price RRP of the dress. We can also arrange payment options upon discussion. This does not mean you get to keep the dress it is still our property.


Loss of Garment:

In the occasion that we send a dress out and it does not arrive a full investigation with Courier post will be opened. If the tracking has 'delivered' but has not arrived to you, we ask that you get in contact with us as soon as possible. We will then together open an investigation, which will either determine if the courier has delivered it to the correct address or it has been 'lost'. In the event NZ post provide proof of delivery, we will not be able to process a refund, and may need to charge a garment replacement fee as you will be liable. If the parcel is proven to be lost, we will be able to process a full refund. 



If we do not receive the garment back after the rental period ends, and we cannot make contact Rent me honey will legally take action to receive the full compensation amount (late fees, cancelled rental fees + replacement fees)

By not returning your garment you are therefore breaking the terms and conditions agreed upon when renting, and we will use a third party company to either obtain the garment and / or fees. 



You agree that any photos of yourself you may send us in our clothing, or tag us in may appear on our Facebook, Instagram or on our website.