Follow the 5 easy steps below for help on how to book your rental:

1. FIND YOUR FIT: Browse through over 200 garments on the website to find your favourite new outfit. Choose either a 'Normal Rental' for 1-3 days, or 'Extended Rental' for 4-6 days, contact us directly if you are needing a rental longer than 6 days.
Select the date of your event in the calendar and add to cart.
Ensure you select the exact date of your event for postal orders or the date you are wanting to collect for pickup orders. If your event is in the morning or early that day we recommend selecting the day before your event. This will ensure that the correct dates are blocked out and you will receive the garment on the correct date. 

2. CHECKOUT: Follow the checkout procedure by entering all of your details. You can choose to get it shipped or pickup (Extra shipping costs do apply for rural delivery). If choosing shipping please ensure that the last day of rental is a working day (Monday-Friday) as the last day of rental is the chosen return day. Once you have completed the payment your order will be with us.

3. RECEIVING YOUR ORDER: If you chose postage at the checkout it will be sent out with overnight courier and we aim to have it arrive the day before your event or on the day of the event. Alternately if you chose pickup it will be arranged privately with you to be picked up on your chosen pickup day.

4. TRACKING YOUR ORDER: For all postal orders we will then add the tracking number to your order so you can follow it with the local courier. To do this simply click the 'your order' link via email and then click the tracking number. This will take you to the courier post tracking. Your item could arrive between 1-2 days before your event or anytime the day of your chosen date, so please choose your date carefully.

5. RETURNS: All sent and pickup garments are to be returned on the last day of rental you clicked on the calendar (by 1pm that day latest). Postal orders come with a prepaid return courier bag. Put the garment into the bag and drop off over the counter at your local NZ post store. Drop offs need to be returned in the same bag you picked it up in and to the same address you picked up from (leave at the front door). Please make sure if you choose the pickup option that you are aware this is to be dropped back and not posted. Please take photo evidence when dropping your rentals at the door or post office just incase anything happens.